The All Inclusive Men’s Ministry

It’s not just about what happens when men are off by themselves. Instead, we will disciple our men right where they are – in co-ed bible studies, on the worship team, serving as ushers, in the sound booth, at the Food Pantry, etc.  Every interaction this church has with any man is a ministry to men. All of them are part of our discipleship process.

The most important thing we can do is to let men know that there is a system that explains why it is so hard to find happiness in achievement or relationships in this world.  We have a system that shows them what authentic happiness is and how they can achieve it. It’s called the gospel, and it ‘s all explained in the bible.

From the book: No Man Left Behind:
“We can say with confidence that we have never known a man whose life  has changed in any significant way apart from the regular study of God’s Word.”

"It’s all about heart transformation not behavior modification"

There are three Small groups available to join:

1. Monday Nights - 1st, 2nd & 4th week every month at 6:30pm -  Leader: Charles Weilbrenner

We read daily men’s devotionals from Man in The Mirror and hold a group discussion.

2. Tuesday Morning - Every week at 9:00 am - Leader: Stan Sherow​​​​

We are doing a bible study.The Fundamentals of our Faith." 

Many Christians fail to grow and thrive in their faith because they never got the basics.  Just as every successful sports team, musical organization, and hobbyist knows, it is important to get back to the fundamentals every now and then.  
This series seeks to (1) ground followers of Christ in the basic truths of our faith so that we can be solid and grow up in Christ; and (2) equip followers of Christ to share truth with others in a world of lies.

3. Saturday Mornings - 2nd & 3rd week every month at 9:00 am - Leader: Alan McLeod

The Saturday morning small men's group combines prayer and Bible Study. We are using  Dr. David Jeremiah's book "Prayer: The Great Adventure" as our study guide. We are learning and discussing how to pray better in group, corporate and individual prayer settings. The group meets on the second and third Saturday of the month at 9:00 AM at The Roast Coffee Shop in Patchogue. 
This group continues to see benefits from our small group interactions including:
 -- Anticipating and thanking Jesus for his presense each time we meet.
 -- Supporting each other in brotherly love.  
 -- Learning to pray for each other.
 -- Praying about the everday practical challenges we face as Christian men whether it is family, friends or situations in the workplace.
 -- Discovering and applying principles of prayer by studying parables on prayer.
 -- Using the Lord's prayer as a model for prayer.
 -- Learning how prayer has preceded every major revival throughout history.

We also have a group monthly meeting on the 3rd Friday ay of every month  at 7pm. All men should attend.
Please contact Ministry Leader for information on joining.