Lenny Nilson


Born in 1947, Lenny has been serving in the Christian church since 1975. He grew up on West Island located in the middle of Great South Bay and has been a commercial fisherman and diver for over 50 years. Recently retired from the wholesale bait business he owned for 25 years, you will still see him out on the boat every spring and fall catching bunker!

Lenny and his wife, Lee, have been active members at the Christian Church at Holbrook since 1989, and has a leadership role as a Deacon since August 2012. Before that, he served as an elder for 10 years.

Lenny is proud father of 2 beautiful daughters and has 4 grandchildren Dakota, Jackson, Summer and Sadie.   

His interests include his dogs, fishing, cars and watching old black and white movies with his grandchildren.

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