We believe that God The Father is...

Creator... God created everything that exists. (Gen 1:1; Ps 102:25; Heb 11:3)
Faithful... God always does what He says. (Deut 7:9; Ps 36:5; I Cor 1:9)
Loving... God's love for mankind is everlasting. (Jer 31:8; Rom 5:8; I Jn 3:1)
Just... God's decisions are always right and truthful. (Ps 103:6; Zep 3:5; Rom 2:2)

We believe that Jesus Christ is...

The Son of God... Jesus is God's one and only son. (Mt 3:17; Lk 1:35; Jn 1:34)
Born of a Virgin... Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit and born of a virgin. (Mt 1:20; Lk 1:26-27)
Died for our Sins... Jesus died on the cross as a perfect sacrifice to save us from our sin. (Jer 31:3; Rom 5:8; I Jn 3:1)
Resurrected... Jesus died and was raised from the dead by the power of God. (Mt 16:21; Eph 1:19-20; I Pet 1:3)
Coming Again... Jesus will return at an unknown time to bring His followers into eternal life. (Mt 24:36-37; Heb 9:28; Jn 3:16)

We Believe The Holy Spirit is...

Gift From God... We receive God's Spirit when we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. (Ac 2:38; I Jn 4:13)
Indwelling... The presence of the Holy Spirit lives in all believers in Christ. (Jn 14:17; I Cor 3:16)
Our Spiritual Guide... The Holy Spirit provides direction. (Jn 14:26; II Cor 1:21-22)
Giver of Life... The Holy Spirit gives spiritual life to our lives. (Jn 6:63; I Pet 3:18)

We Believe The Bible is...

Inspired by God... The authors of the Bible were inspired by God to write what He desired. (I Tim 3:16; II Pet 1:20-21)
Infallible... The Bible is not a book of fables & myths. It is all true. (Lk 1:1-4; I Jn 1:1-4)
Preparation... The Bible trains followers and equips them for living and serving. (II Tim 3:16-17)

We Believe Faith is...

By Definition... Believing without seeing. Trusting when in doubt. (Heb 11:1)
A Way of Life... The believer lives by faith in God. (Rom 1:17; II Cor 5:7; Gal 2:20)
Salvation... Faith in Jesus Christ is needed to be saved. (Lk 7:50; Eph 2:8-9)

We Believe Baptism...

Is Commanded... The Bible teaches that all believers must be baptized. (Mt 28:19, Jn 3:5; Ac 2:38)
Full Immersion... To be baptized means to be fully immersed under water. (Mk 1:9-10; Ac 8:36-39)
Infant Baptism... One must hear the Word, understand the Word, & decide for themselves to accept Christ and be baptized. (Ac 2:37-Ac 4; Rom 10:17)

The Lord's Supper (Communion)...

Was Instituted by Jesus... During Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples, he instructed them to to this to remember him. (Lk 22:17-20; I Cor 11:23-29)
Is Taken Every Sunday... Communion is served each Sunday to remember Jesus' sacrifice. (Ac 20:7)

We Believe Giving is...

Honoring to God... Giving back to God is a way that we can glorify Him. (Pr 3:9)
According to Income... Giving should be done based on how God blesses you. (Dt 16:17; I Cor 16:2; II Cor 8:12)
With a Cheerful Heart... One should never give reluctantly or under pressure. (II Cor 9:7)
Between You and God... What you give is private. (II Cor 9:7; Mt 6:1-4)